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content warning // lots of death, killing, and other related stuff; possibly direct threat

a mascot's feelings

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some people, when asked who they are, or even what they are - "are you a good boy?" - "are you trans?" - etc., know the answer for themselves. it could be "yes", it could be "no" - hell, it could be "not exactly"... but they usually always know.

May 10, 2124

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It's May 10, 2124, and Rocco sits in his room. He found a few artifacts from a society that pulled itself apart by the seams.

Mental Repetition

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You remember and forget.


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She stands at the base of a tall tower.

Endnote: The Letter

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Sorry if there are things I forgot to clarify.

Letter to Iszac

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cw // grooming mention


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Iszac is a boy in spirit. Never really born, not really dead, but in a state between non-interactivity and meaning. He has existed 16 years in a state of solace. To not have to worry about anything in an environment where worries are common.

Future Work

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[Scene: Iszac and Theo alone in a dark room. Theo is at a desk on the computer, playing something. Iszac is floating to the left of him, simply observing, silently.]

To be regretful of times past

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The feeling of wanting to take all of your bad moments back. To put your regrets in order and fix them and live a perfect life.