by MeowcaTheoRange

Fediverse Madness

Hosted on - Created 3/18/2024

A March Madness style bracket-based competition for the entities on the Fediverse. Compare your friends! Have a meltdown-sized crisis over who you like more! This project will make you do it. CONTENT WARNING // uncomfortable decisions


Hosted on - Created 2/19/2024

Downloader from scrobble to MP3 file. Uploads to Nextcloud because it can. Not piracy. I don't think so?


Hosted on - Created 12/18/2023

Unofficial XKCD Reader for Roku®.

Karkat Public License

Hosted on - Created 1/3/2024

The Karkat Public License


Hosted on - Created 6/18/2022

An app. For managing virtual dice.


Hosted on - Created 9/9/2022

FunnyClock² is the successor of FunnyClock, an application made for my school to show when smartboards are idle.


Hosted on - Created 12/1/2023

Normalize is a simple CSS library made to provide good-looking yet simple HTML element styles.

JellyBean's Mid-Sim

Hosted on - Created 5/8/2022

JellyBean's Mid-Sim, a 1K rhythm game made in the HTML5-JS game engine Kaboom.


Hosted on - Created 11/17/2023

WozSteamGen is a Scott The Woz thumbnail generator for Steam games. It's an API-less adaptation of Steam The Woz, running completely locally.


Hosted on - Created 11/16/2023

HexFlagGen is a flag generator inspired by how the Free Speech Flag was made. I dislike DRM and support trans rights.