Some jams I host that you can participate in!

These serve many purposes. To create a community bond, to help creatives find their way, and most importantly, to make me popular. X3


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The abtmtr.link Website Jam 001

Hosted by mtr@local.abtmtr.link - Started Wed May 01 2024 - Ends Sat Jun 01 2024

This jam is for the web developers out there. Create a website - static, dynamic, abstract, purposeful, anything! The only requirements are that it has to be original and made for this jam!

You can use whatever you possibly can to make the best or most creative website. Anything* is allowed.


  • Fascism or anything of the like will not be tolerated in this jam. Get your shit together.
  • No slurs, except if reclaimable.
  • Political sites are OK, as long as the site is sending a good message.
  • Explicit NSFW or real gory content is not allowed. Textual sexual innuendo is allowed, but no porn. Fictional gore is allowed, as long as the content is clearly covered by a consent wall.
  • No telemetry or data collection. Ads are not allowed either.
  • Nothing that purposefully destroys the environment. This also includes backend infrastructure.

If you are found to be breaking any of these rules, the result will depend on the severity.

  • You will receive a notice via Fediverse messages (mentioned-only) telling you about the content
  • You will have your submission taken down and receive a notice If you are found to be re-submitting a rule-breaking submission, you will be banned.