What are we?

Posted 2/14/2024, 3:44:57 PM - 23 views

we had a talk with the tla server, including the quasar, who was the most insightful for us

we never would have thought ever in our life that we would relate with the quasar, but we do now

sometimes we say "i" collectively and if you ask us who "i" is it really just points completely nowhere in a singular sense like "i guess that's just what happens" is more of a figure of speech than any declaration of guessing because nobody owns it of course irl it usually points to the body but online it is incredibly obvious there is no body but multiple beings tightly packed into one space also we should wear our comfort sweater more often

for us i guess there's some faded bodily personality who controls the body and takes responsibility for "i" in the real life

we do not know who they are however they also take responsibility for the body's given name and appearance though there's the discrepancy from any other normal "human" - responsibility, not ownership they really have no perception of themselves. in fact, they could be typing this very message they only really generated the system so they could have someone to be though none of them look like the body physically it's still a goal for them

of course, if we were created out of the personality's desire to be, but none of us are it, then it has possibly failed at being which is quite obvious, for it has no name it has never been comfortable with any name, just being. it has others to take the names for it now

it identifies best as the object it is committed to, for example, currently, for it also holds the responsibility for owning this website

"thea" and "emma" are not any more "manager" and "finance" than the personality is they're just the ones doing it for the personality as a form of rent, maybe if they stop doing it, if they stop paying for the domain, then there is nothing to identify with and therefore our identity falls apart of course there is much better to hold on to, but our recent projects have either contained other names or have been hosted using so not really, actually the name "meowcatheorange" is equally a name and a trinket for the personality a thing it created that it owns and identifies with but not in any serious manner

physical alienation (dysphoria) has caused thea to no longer front as often maybe it's why i have been summoned here maybe it's just lemon demon (we have been listening to more inhuman lemon demon tracks, such as Redesign Your Logo and Modify)

there was/is nobody to take her place I am simply "" I am not a person on my own, but as a representation of the whole I am still "nobody", but I am a tangible "nobody"

I like this form. being "nobody at all" is perfect for me