homicidal tendencies

Posted 2/19/2024, 12:55:20 AM - 229 views

fun fact: emma is the one with the homicidal tendencies. you may not clock her as such at first, but trust us. they are there! she doesn't want to hurt anybody all of the time, thankfully - she will only do it if she or anyone else are threatened, and she probably is most likely to regret it later

she is a murder girl and we think she may be fascinated by knives

this kind of plays into her role as a protector mostly, mind is all bark no bite, but emma? emma is not to be fucked with.

also, mentioning mind, emma is very protective of mind emma would kill for mind if she felt like mind was being hurt or threatened

emma's like what? 20-something? and mind's literally just 14

so its kind of like a parent-child kind of deal we suppose, except they're not really related.