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Some sort of fox being ~/ sees in dissociation, far away, separate from the original system.

pixel 6a

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it identifies most closely with its Pixel 6a, loaded with CalyxOS

homicidal tendencies

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fun fact: emma is the one with the homicidal tendencies. you may not clock her as such at first, but trust us. they are there! she doesn't want to hurt anybody all of the time, thankfully - she will only do it if she or anyone else are threatened, and she probably is most likely to regret it later

don't look up "trans" on

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content warning: transphobia, of course

How Strange

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some days we feel so, so wrong some days we feel incredibly sad

a poem about ~/

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~/ is so interesting What are you?

fedi is lame and social media feeds suck

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written by Mind, Thea, and


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we don't really dedicate ourselves very much to any relationship we consider polyamory but we're much better suited to platonic relationships or non-dedication

What are we?

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we had a talk with the tla server, including the quasar, who was the most insightful for us


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sigh honestly i wish i could just. be a girl